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I find it strange as to how many believe that not eating meat is a joke and they want me to not succeed.  “Where are you getting your protein from?”  “I just don’t see how you can do that.” As if ‘that’ is a bad thing.  “You need some meat – just a little.” “Don’t you want to try this?”

I need to make a major and defining point here. I am a lover of good food and going meatless does not mean that I have to go dull and boring. I am not a Vegetarian yet.  I am just meatless. Just because you are weak does not make me weak and I wish people will stop trying to pull me back into their world. I am not trying to loose weight I have just change my eating habit for the better and healthy life.  And YES I am getting plenty of protein without all the bad effects of meat.

I am meatless because I choose to be meatless because my health requires it.


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