Okay, let be honest and/or truthful.

I don’t like Soy Milk.
I don’t like Cottage Cheese – anymore.
I don’t like boring foods.
I don’t like over cooked vegetable.
I don’t like being overloaded with broccoli.
I don’t like foods that taste is not justified by that funny texture/feeling in my mouth.
I don’t like burning heat but I love spicy – BIG different macho men…

So what do I like?

I don’t know I am still in new territory here. That is why I am eating everything that is suggested or looks safe to eat. After I try to eat it or drink it a couple of times than I can tell you if I like it or don’t like it.

And so far I am pretty much liking “almost” everything I tried.


Stop being passive and starting being passionate with your life – enjoy it and live it.


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