Seriously I like Taste

I am starting to think that many non-vegetarian Chefs believe that meatless people have no taste bud.  I actually don’t blame this on the chefs – just on my veterans and elder vegetarians who accepted the tasteless crap that is presented to them as vegetarian food.

For example I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant Monday and it still bothering me. I know the cook and everything that she cook is great.  Her Sous Chef and Line Cooks are well-trained and constant. The food preparation is always pleasing to the eyes and taste bud. The place is a 4.5 Stars in my book. If they would fix that ugly men comfort room they would get a solid 5 Stars.

Back to the point here. I have not been in the restaurant since I decided to change my dietary lifestyle. The waitresses and owner were happy to see us and the Chef herself even came out to see how we were doing. Wow, we felt like honored guests.

I think I can write about two pages about what happen next but that would be “venting.”  Simply put I really don’t have time for wasting your or my time.

The lesson I learned is that if you don’t talk to the Chef you are going to get what they think taste good to vegetarian.  When I asked her why was my rice non-appealing and my vegetable dish was over cooked while my wife rice was delicious to my eyes.  I quote, “No one else every complained….I thought that is how….”  I am not going to vent, I am not going to vent….

Tell me how can a 18 year with no professional training can bet a twenty-eight years veteran chef?  Easy because no one has ever said anything to that twenty-eight year experience chef.  I know there are good vegetarian meals out there because I have been reading blogs like the Fat Free Vagan, Seitan is my Motor, or Cooking Vegan with Soul and other blogs and websites that prove it.

So the next time you go to ‘any’ restaurant and they present you with not so appealing and tasteless food.  Corrected them because they have been mislead into thinking we as a group have no tasted buds or appreciation of good food.  If you can’t do this for yourself do it for me because I can assure you that if you walk into a restaurant that I have eaten in they will know.  I can’t promise you that they will do anything about it but if enough people say something I think we will be seeing more tasty food.

Stop being passive and starting being passionate with your life – enjoy it and live it.


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