My name is Leotis

There is not much to write other than I love healthy and good tasting food.

I am new at this meatless adventure and learning much from experience vegans and vegetarians. Please note that I have not savor the taste of meat for several months now.  However like a Vampire craving blood – I just might sample a piece but I don’t think that is going to happen.  I write this because right after my spinal cord operation between twilight and half-awake I had order a Roast Beef sandwich but when I ate the sandwich there was not meat.  I had taken the meat off without knowing I did it.  My wife had a good laugh when I had said “This bread taste like meat.” My joints were safe.

People become vegetarians or vegans for several reasons.  The reason why I went meatless is because of this thing my Doctor called a “baby gout.”  I don’t want the big brother or daddy gout visiting.   I have been good to meat but meat was not good to and for me.

This blog is a way for me and my friends share and to remember my journey into the meatless world.  I plan to experiment with different types of foods and products.


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