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Three Steps to Switching to Vegetarianism







So you want to become a vegetarian yet finding it challenging to transform in your diet and your lifestyle, here are some suggestions on how to make the switch a smoother ride.

You can do this…
Get your head into this healthy life style by committing to be a vegetarian for three days per week for the first months.  Start substituting ingredients in your favorite dishes to make them truly meatless.  By making simple replacements in your favorite recipes can inspire you to stay on the vegetarian track once you see how delicious it can be. You see you can do this – just three days out of seven days.

Stepping up…
No more riding the fence now commit to five days per week for the next two weeks. Yes, that is correct five days out of seven. You are ready for this my friend. Find and surround yourself with other vegetarian for support, tips and guidance. Walk through and study the natural foods aisle at your local grocer, or make it a point to introduce yourself to the local health foods store. Try a few new vegetarian products in your next meal. Create your own vegetarian recipes cookbook of things you want to try that you believe will taste good. The internet is a great source of “free” vegetarian recipes.  Do not limit yourself to being vegetarian only at home.  Make it a date night or group outing because there are some restaurants that offer delicious vegetarian entrées. HEY! You are doing it. This is working out for you.

Own it…
No more denying those two days a week of weakness – you own them now. You control what goes in your body.  You are a converted vegetarian all week-long! After all, you have done it for 45 days now; you are a seasoned rookie in the game. Take pride in your accomplishments, because you have made positive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.  You done it – you own this.


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